Quezt!: Question and Adventure

How to Play

1. When the game starts, you will see the game interface, which includes the following:

a. The main screen - displays the visuals, like the map, and questions. It will display the final score once you have completed the game.

b. Choice boxes - this is where you will choose your character, and choose a road to take once it comes up. The choices for the answer will be displayed here.

c. Status bar - this area displays the score, lives, and skips that the player has. The button to start the level will appear here.

2. The first thing that the player must do is select an adveturer, the details of each is displayed on the main screen.

3. Once you have been directed to the world map, wait for the 'start level' button to appear before each level. Once you have been briefed about the next level's details, click it to start the level.

4. Each level has its own number of questions, and a benchmark score. The when you beat the BENCHMARK SCORE in each level, you will be awarded by 1 additional life.

The difficulties for each level are as follows:

Easy for level 1 and level 2

Average for level 3 and level 4

Hard for level 5 (Castle and Cave)

5. Choose from the buttons in the choice boxes to choose your answer. Click on 'skip' on the status bar to use up a skip, and skip the current question.

Once you have reached level 5, you will be able to choose your path for the final level.

Castle - Normal rules and scoring applies

Cave - Each correct answer will grant you 12 points instead of 10, BUT a wrong answer costs you 3 lives.

That's what you need to know, adventurer. Enjoy exploring the depths of Quezt! and learning along the way!